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3 Ways to Stay Productive & Refreshed Working from Home

Whether due to COVID19 or cost-cutting, working remotely is now the #NewNormal. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the idea of making business moves while wearing their favorite Wonder Woman PJ’s? It sounds like a win-win… but for some, staying motivated, productive and sane while navigating ‘Home Life’ and ‘Work Life’ can be difficult.

Check out some helpful tips & tricks on how to unplug, and not become overwhelmed while working from home.

3 Ways to Stay Productive & Refreshed Working from Home 1

We all know that work can sometimes be stressful, so do all you can to ensure that your home remains your safe haven. Whether you decide to turn an empty room into an office or set up a desk in the living room, be sure to designate a specific space in your home for work. Not only will this help you stay organized by keeping all of your paperwork in one place, but it’ll allow you to mentally disconnect when you leave that are.

The typical in-office work day comes with commutes, lunch breaks, and chats around the water-cooler. These mini-breaks in your day give you the much-needed opportunity to clear your mind, refuel and reset. Likewise, be sure to punctuate your at-home work day with similar breaks. A quick phone call to a friend, brief nap,  or stroll around the block can work wonders to help you avoid burnout, stay productive, and mentally recharge!

3 Ways to Stay Productive & Refreshed Working from Home 23. BE ‘AT HOME’
The clear benefit of working from home is that you are home… and can now balance your time and projects a lot easier. That means deep-conditioning while finishing your report, cooking while balancing your budget, or knocking out the laundry and dishes in between Zoom meetings. Get into the multitasking mindset of being at-home during your work day to free your evenings for relaxation, fun, or family-friendly activities.

Being ‘at home’ also means that you’re able to tackle new projects and hobbies you’ve been meaning to kickstart. Everything from meal prepping, to journaling, to starting that veggie garden, to learning a new language, or writing that business plan — time is on your side to do it all!

We’d love to know how working from home is going for you. Let us know in the comments what steps your are taking to stay productive, balanced, and unplugged.


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