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Braid Stylist Xia Charles shares her tips for Protective Style Management

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Prep your hair by detangling and softening pre-wash. This will help to avoid any potential tension and breakage.


Shampoo hair twice. First, focusing on the scalp to unclog the pores and allowing for new growth. Shampoo again to cleanse strands and remove impurities from the body of your hair.


Be sure to deep condition twice since your hair will be in your protective style for 4-6 weeks. Conditioning helps to improve the overall moisture balance, elasticity and strength of your hair and scalp.


Apply Leave-in Conditioner while your hair is wet to seal in moisture, and reduce the occurrence of shrinkage and flyaways.


Even in a protective style, your hair’s still exposed to the world. Coat your hair with our lightweight oil to protect it from outside elements that threaten your hair’s health.


Remember to continuously add lightweight moisture to your protective style to maintain shine, body, and scalp & strand health.


Coconut Milk contains ALL of the essential nutrients required for healthy hair. It restores dry, damaged and brittle strands and split ends, rejuvenates hair follicles and promotes hair growth, and adds volume and thickness to your hair.

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