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Eliminating Fairy Knots

At first, Fairy Knots sounds like something magical! Almost like it should come with a side of pixie dust sprinkles and rainbows. But when we wake up from that dream to a head full of unmanageable, unruly tangles, the truth hits…. 

According to the latest Allure magazine article by Stylist Nai’vasha Johnson, Fairy Knots are single strands of hair that knot within themselves to create bigger knots” #Ugh… But relax. Your tribe’s here to help with simple tips to prevent Fairy Knots from making your day less magical…

Tip: 1: Ditch the Comb

Because of their small size, you’ll find that your fingers are the best tools for detangling fairy knots. Section your hair into 4 sections and work your way from your ends up to your scalp, being extra gentle to not break your strands.

ABT Shea Butter Curls ComboTip 2:  Moisture Moisture Moisture

Moisture-based products are highly recommended as they not only coat and condition your hair, but they also soften the strands to ease the detangling process… making it easier for knots to slip right out. Made with only the BEST ingredients including, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Jamaican Black Castor, and Olive Oil, our Africa’s Best Textures Collection is the perfect one-stop shop to provide your hair with the moisturizing and softening agents to give your hair the manageability it longs for.

Tip 3: Protect your Hair

Whether it’s remembering to wear your favorite bonnet or simply re-twisting your hair at night, be sure to protect your hair as much as possible before bed. And this includes adding a light leave-in conditioner for added protection. Although this can be a tedious step right before bed, your Fairy Knots will… Abracadabra… disappear!

Let us know in the comments how you deal with your fairy knots and whether our tips worked for you.

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