Africa's Best FAQs


General Inquiries

Where can I purchase Africa’s Best products?

Africa’s Best products are available in-store at your local beauty supply store and major retail chains including Dollar General, Walmart, Walgreens, Family Dollar, Sally Beauty, Target, and Fred’s. Our products can also be purchased online at Amazon. Please check here for a list of our authorized retailers near you.

What hair types are Africa’s Best products suitable for?

Africa’s Best products are suitable for all hair types and textures.

Can I mix and match Africa’s Best products across the collections?

Each of Africa’s Best products has been designed to offer optimal results as a standalone formula, but we encourage you to build a hair care regimen across all of our collections that best accommodates your hair care needs.

Where’s the Africa’s Best brand based, and where are your products manufactured?

We’re proud to call Atlanta, GA our home. All products are manufactured in Stone Mountain.

How can I have Africa’s Best contribute to/ sponsor my upcoming event?

We welcome any opportunity to share our hair care therapies with your friends and family. Please send event details and sponsorship requests to for review and consideration. Please note all request should be remitted a minimum 60 days in advance.

Natural Hair Care

Which Africa’s Best products work best for natural hair?

Our Africa’s Best Textures collection has been specifically formulated to care, style and maintain your natural/ textured hair. They contain NO SULFATES (no detergents that strip hair), NO PARABENS (only eco-friendly preservatives), and NO MINERAL OIL or PETROLATUM (that attract dust & dirt to hair that can cause clogged pores). Natural hair requires a lot of moisture and deep conditioning. These vitamin- and nutrient-rich therapies are the go-to moisturizing, conditioning and softening solutions for your natural strands!

Relaxed Hair Care

What’s the difference between a relaxer and a texturizer?

A relaxer is designed to convert hair of any texture to super straight, with no natural curl or texture remaining in the hair. A Texturizer loosens hair’s natural curls or coils, allowing it to achieve a softer, smoother texture. Generally, a Texturizer will cause naturally-tight curls to take on a wavy or S-type pattern, while very kinky, coarse hair will become even curlier. Any chemical-based treatment, including those offered in our Africa’s Best or Originals by Africa’s Best collections, will make the hair completely straight. The Texture My Way Women’s and Men’s Texturizing Systems will increase one’s curl pattern, help the user to achieve a tighter wave or coil.

How long does a relaxer last?

A relaxer application generally lasts 6-8 weeks before requiring a “touch up,” a re-application just to the new growth. However, depending on the natural texture of the user, desired manageability, and the individual’s hair growth rate, some users may choose to only re-apply a touch up application every 12 weeks or more. To avoid over-processing, do not re-apply less than 6 weeks after an application.

At what age can I apply a relaxer treatment on my child?

We strongly advise against using a chemical application of any kind of a child under the age of 5. While the Olive Oil Softening System is a mild, ultra-gentle, no-lye formula you should conduct a strand test to help determine how your child’s hair will react to this treatment. Young girls’ hair and scalp continues to develop as they grow. Even at age five, some girls may have scalp & skin allergies or hair structural disorders that may be subject to damage or irritation when using any chemical application.

To help insure that your child’s hair is developed enough to support a chemical application, even one as gentle as Kids Originals Olive Oil Softening System, we suggest that you consult a professional stylist first. A trained eye can help best determine whether your child’s hair is ready for a softening or relaxer application.


Relaxer Systems should ALWAYS be applied by an adult, whether for use on an adult or child. To avoid overlapping onto previously relaxed hair, it is recommended that you ask an adult friend to help apply the chemical treatment to the back of your hair. Carefully follow the directions on the INSTRUCTION SHEET inside the kit and conduct a strand test before each use.

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