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Defeat The Heat: How to Prevent Heat Damage When Heat Styling

At some point throughout the year that a little voice in our head pops up and tells us to do a length check our hair for a special occasion or simply because it’s that season.

Unfortunately, regular heat use without proper preparation puts our tresses at risk for heat damage. Here are four ways to properly prepare your hair when using heat to avoid reverting back to a big chop.


Understanding Your Hair

Everyone’s hair is different and it is important to truly understand your hair health before manipulating it. Three main signs of healthy hair include: elasticity, minimal shedding, and healthy hair ends.  If your hair doesn’t check all three of these boxes it’s likely your hair isn’t at its optimal health. Adding heat before restoring your hair’s full health will lead to further damage. After all, no one likes the sight of stringy and thin hair.


Dirt is a No-Go

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Before to adding heat to your hair, your scalp and tresses should be free from all products. You know that lazy feeling we sometimes get where we want to just run the flat iron through our hair for a smoother look because we’re either rushing getting ready for work or running a little late for a date? You also may be familiar with the sound of “hsssssss…” sound and the scent of products being fried. It’s always best to work with freshly washed hair to avoid dirt and oils further penetrating your hair which can lead to your do being fried and laid to the side.



Weekly Deep Conditioning

Coconut Creme Restorative Deep Conditioner

Deep conditioning once a week is important to retaining moisture. It’s important to use a deep conditioner that has moisturizing ingredients for restoration. Ingredients such as avocado oil, grapeseed oil and coconut milk which is proven to revive the life of dry brittle hair. Why deep condition and not just slap a conditioner on your hair and rinse it out? The purpose of a deep conditioner is to process the hair for 15-25 minutes, often with a conditioning cap, to penetrate the hair shaft and saturate the hair with the moisturizing ingredients. For further conditioning benefits, the use of a steamer will truly open your hair cuticles so the ingredients can penetrate and work its magic.


Use a Heat Protectant

Honey Castor Maintenance Thermal

Using a heat protectant is the last most efficient step to prevent what can lead to split-ends and dry, brittle hair. The purpose of a heat protectant is to create a barrier between the styling tool and your hair to prevent direct damage. Our Thermal Moisturizer from our new Honey and Castor Collection goes the extra step and doubles as a moisturizer as well. Made with the best ingredients to lock in moisture – this protectant is made with 100% Honey and Castor and is sure to allow your hair to retain moisture and lock in strength to prevent the harmful effects of using a heat styler.

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