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Protective Styling w/ the Best

Despite ‘quarantine & chill’ being the new norm, who really has the energy or motivation to do their hair anymore? With fashionistas like Gabrielle Union, Skai Jackson, and Jordyn Woods serving up all the protective style inspo a girl can ask for, our low-maintenance options are limitless. Just remember not to neglect your own tresses before, during, and after protective styling. 

Protective Styling w/ the Best 1Before Styling: Our tresses serve as the foundation for ALL styles so it’s vital that we treat them accordingly. Take the time to ensure that your hair has been thoroughly cleansed, deep conditioned, and detangled before covering them up to prevent potential knots and breakage. 

During Styling: There are a number of ways you can maintain your hair while in a protective style. For instance, did you know that you could and should wash your hair while in a protective style? All you need is your favorite Moisturizing Shampoo to keep your scalp and strands well-hydrated. Also, use of herbal, essential and dry oils helps to prevent scalp dryness while also providing much-needed moisture and shine.Protective Styling w/ the Best 2

After Styling:  During the 2 weeks – 2 months that your hair is in it’s protective style, you can expect major dryness. So when you finally unleash your tresses, your hair will need some extra TLC. Be sure to replenish your hair’s moisture and penetrate your hair follicles with your favorite Deep Conditioner for a minimum of 30 minutes —  hooded dryer or steamer optional.

While we love a good protective style, be sure to also let your hair breathe in between styles.

What are some of your favorite go-to protective styles? Lets us know in the comments. 



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