Honey & Castor Strength & Style Combo

This combo includes:

  • Honey & Castor Co-Wash
  • Honey & Castor Thermal Moisturizer
  • Honey & Castor Curls
  • Honey & Castor Edge Gel


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About Honey & Castor Strength & Style Combo

Our new Honey & Castor collection combines the strengthening and hydrating benefits of 100% all-natural honey with the vitamin-rich and antioxidant growth properties of Castor Oil to give you the healthy foundation you need for all of your styling wants.

This combo includes:

  • Honey & Castor Co-Wash — A sulfate-free, intensive conditioning cleanser that thoroughly removes impurities from hair and scalp, while restoring moisture balance.
  • Honey & Castor Thermal Moisturizer — Applied to damp hair before heat styling, this lightweight prep treatment uses carrier oils and essential natural ingredients to penetrate hair strands, providing inside out protection from the damaging effects of heat styling. Applied to dry hair, this nutrient-rich formula serves as an excellent leave-in moisturizer for daily use.
  • Honey & Castor Curls — This curling crème uses Honey for shine and moisture and Castor Oil for strengthening and growth to deliver smooth, soft, well-defined curls and coils.
  • Honey & Castor Edge Gel — Smoothes, shines, and protects hairline and tames fly aways without the crunchy or tacky after-feel. Works as soft hold curl definer when applied to the length of hair.
Weight35.2 oz
Dimensions11.25 × 8.75 × 6 in


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