Honey & Castor Tex-Lax Texture Softening Combo

This combo includes:

  • Honey & Castor Tex-Lax Texture Softening System
  • Honey & Castor Edge Gel
  • Honey & Castor Curls


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About Honey & Castor Tex-Lax Texture Softening Combo

Originals by Africa’s Best launches the first-ever Honey & Castor Tex-Lax Texture Softening System, a unique chemical treatment formulated with the strengthening and hydrating benefits of 100% all-natural honey and the vitamin-rich and antioxidant growth properties of Castor Oil to give you the healthy foundation you need to achieve the style flexibility and texture manageability you want.

This combo includes:

  • Honey & Castor Tex-Lax Texture Softening System — MANAGE YOUR CURL PATTERN WITH TEX-LAX. Our Honey & Castor Tex-Lax Texture Softening System is a chemical treatment designed to loosen your curl pattern for better, improved manageability. It softens hair texture without completely straightening it. The process protects hair from damage and breakage while infusing hair with the nutrient-rich benefits your hair and scalp need to sustain healthy moisture balance and growth.
  • On NATURAL or TEXTURIZED hair it creates a looser, better defined, more manageable curl pattern, smoother edges, and allows for easy flat ironing.
    On RELAXED hair, it softens and conditions new growth, allowing hair to retain healthy texture for a fuller look with more volume.NO LYE | NO SULFATES | NO MINERAL OIL | NO PARABENS
  • Honey & Castor Edge Gel — Smoothes, shines, and protects hairline and tames flyaways without the crunchy or tacky after-feel. Works as soft hold curl definer when applied to the length of hair.
  • Honey & Castor Curls — This curling crème uses Honey for shine and moisture and Castor Oil for strengthening and growth to deliver smooth, soft, well-defined curls and coils.
Weight48 oz
Dimensions11.25 × 8.75 × 6 in


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