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Honey & Castor Curls

This curling crème uses Honey for shine and moisture and Castor Oil for strengthening and growth to deliver smooth, soft, well-defined curls and coils.

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About Honey & Castor Curls

This curling crème uses Honey for shine and moisture and Castor Oil for strengthening and growth to deliver smooth, soft, well-defined curls and coils.

5 reviews for Honey & Castor Curls

  1. LaQwanza

    Love, Love, Love. I used the curling creme to style my twist out. I have type 3c hair in the front and 4a in the back. I also used it on my niece who has type 4b/4c hair and both of our results were amazing. I most impressed at how defined my niece twist out turned out. Seeing the look in her face was priceless. We used the thermal moisturizer as our base and then the curling creme and our hair was very moisturized and defined. Will definitely keep this in my staple product stash.

  2. Stephanie Tejada

    I absolutely love this curling creme!! It’s perfect for my wash & go’s, adding the right amount of moisture to my hair. I love how soft and shiny it leaves my curls. It has definitely become a favorite of mine.

  3. Martha Dove

    Love this product!! I use it almost everyday now to moisturize my hair!! It definitely helps to keep it hydrated!!

  4. Martha Dove

    I honestly love this product. I use it daily in my natural hair routine to moisturize my hair. I love that it has castor oil in it as well.

  5. Stephanie

    From the first time I used the Honey & Castor Curl Creme I was HOOKED!!! The smell is so good and it’s not an over powering scent either, it’s light and sweet. I love how hydrating, shiny and soft it left my hair. I’ve literally gone through three bottles of it 🙂 and what I love about it is that it also works on my sons type 3A/3B hair. This Creme definitely went on my favorites shelf and will remain there 🙂

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