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Stylist Loyalty vs Product Loyalty

When it comes to your hair maintenance, are you more loyal to your Stylist or your favorite Products?  Are you a person who knows what’s best for your hair so you prefer to stick with your stable regimen of products to get the job done? Or, are you more trusting of your pro stylist, their technique, and the products in their arsenal because you trust they know what’s best? 

No matter your preference, we have a few tips that will hopefully help you select the perfect stylist and/or products for you.

Stylist Loyalty vs Product Loyalty 1Tips for Product Loyalists:

  1. Listen to your hair: Our hair will always let us know what it needs! If you pay the right attention to your strands, you’ll learn all you need to know about the right ingredients, textures and formulas to maintain your style. 
  2. Find your regimen: Whether you wash your hair once a week or once a month, build a routine based on consistency to see the best results shine through. 
  3. Mix and Mingle: Choosing the right products can be like dating. You keep searching until you find the one that steals your heart! But before you settle on your tried-&-true, don’t be afraid to test out awesome options that pique your interest. 

Tips for Stylist Loyalists:Africa's Best CurlBox Pro Stylist

  1. Research: Don’t be afraid to instastalk the stylist that you are interested in. Their online profiles will tell you all about how they interact with their clientele, and the hair techniques they specialize in, whether it’s natural or protective styles, chemical relaxers, weaves, locks, or anything in-between. 
  2. Pick their brain: The best part of having a pro in your corner is that you benefit from their unlimited hair care knowledge. Be sure to use your Stylist as a resource for the latest hair styles trends, ingredient benefits, and treatment tips.
  3. Stay Loyal: Once you find a Stylist who you feel understands your hair, STICK WITH THEM! There’s nothing better than having someone who knows your hair as well as your expectations… without you having to start from scratch each visit.

So now that you’re in-the-know — are you standing-by your Stylist or your Products?

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