Tex-Lax vs Relaxers?

Tex-Lax vs Relaxers? 1

Tex-Lax vs Relaxers?

Good hair equals healthy hair, and healthy hair is a moisturized scalp, moisturized strands, minimum breakage, minimum shedding and great elasticity. So with all these hashtags of hair teams, Team Natural, Team Relaxed, Team Texturizer or Team Tex-Lax, how do you know the difference and what is best for you?

No size fits all when it comes to natural hair. In general, natural hair is hair that is free from chemical straighteners or stretchers. Natural hair comes in various textures such as naturally straight, kinky, curly or coily. Because natural hair is free from chemicals it is even more susceptible to breakage, shedding and dryness. Using products containing humectants which are ingredients that draw in moisture from the air and ingredients providing strengthening and growth properties are essential. Our new Honey & Castor collection are packed with ingredients that fight the battles of breakage, shedding and dryness.

Texturizers and relaxers both are chemical processes that change your hair texture. Texturizers simply provide manageability by loosening curl patterns, while relaxers completely straighten your hair. Both have come a long way with having healthier ingredient options to provide less harshness from the chemicals. Our Honey & Castor Tex-Lax Texture Softening System is the new conditioning kid on the block. It’s not just a chemical treatment designed to loosen your curl pattern, it’s infused with Jamaican Black Castor Oil and 100% Pure Honey for better, improved texture manageability. The nutrient rich ingredients soften hair to sustain healthy moisture, protect against breakage and promote hair growth.

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