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The Perfect Twistout

The styles are endless when it comes to rocking natural hair, but one style that will forever reign supreme is the twist out. Who doesn’t love a juicy and defined twist out, they’re low-maintenance, fun and stylish.  Enhanced with 100% Coconut Milk and only the BEST Ingredients (Black Castor oil, Argan Oil, Grapeseed, Flaxseed and Aloe), our Coconut Crème Collection is here to help you achieve the perfect twist-out with only 4 steps.


Coconut Crème Moisture Maintenance ComboStep 1 Cleanse & Condition:  Like most hairstyles, twist outs are best achieved on freshly washed hair and cleansed scalp. We recommend our Coconut Creme Sulfate-free Moisturizing Shampoo along with our Restorative Coconut Creme Deep Conditioner, that will revive any dry, brittle or lifeless hair. 

Coconut Crème Moisture Maintenance Combo

Step 2 Moisturize:  Whether you prefer  The L.O.C (leave-in, oil, cream) or L.C.O (leave-in, oil, cream) method, part your hair into four sections working the Coconut Cream Leave-In Conditioner into each section.

 Step 3  Twist: From two strand twists to flat twist, the options are endless when it comes to twisting your hair. Depending on the direction you want your curls to fall, part your hair and begin twisting in that direction until desired hair style is achieved.

  Step 4 Untwist:  Coat your hair with our Regenerative dry oil and untwist in the opposite direction you initially twisted in. And wha-la a perfect twist-out. 


Check out this beauty doing a perfect twist-out featuring our Coconut Creme Collection. 

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